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Sprinkler Winterization is imperative to having a healthy sprinkler system; we can blow all water out your sprinkler lines with a high-volume air compressor. Most of Dr. Sprinkler’s repairs are for people who do not winterize their sprinkler system, so save money and winterize your sprinkler system.

How do I prepare my sprinkler system for the winter? The winter elements can be harsh, but Rain Bird, a top-notch manufacturer of sprinkler parts, has some tips for us:
“As the weather cools, it is important to prepare sprinkler systems for the onset of freezing temperatures. Water that is left in the system during the winter may cause valves or other system components to malfunction when the system needs to be operating at peak efficiency, during the spring and summer seasons.
The irrigation experts at Rain Bird recommend that homeowners that reside in areas with freezing wintertime temperatures take the time to properly winterize their irrigation system around the middle of autumn. Here are a few tips to get sprinklers ready for winter and ensure that systems are operating in the most water-efficient manner when the temperatures begin to warm up in the spring.
Drain The Pipes
Those who live in colder regions will want to remove the water from pipes to keep them from freezing and bursting. There are several ways to drain pipes, including draining the valves manually and using compressed air to “blow out” the system. Since there can be some risk involved when using the “blow out” method, it’s always a good idea to wear eye protection and contact an irrigation system specialist beforehand.

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