Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mowing Tips from Dr Sprinkler for Our Salt Lake City Customers

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Dr. Sprinkler focuses on making reliable repairs, installations, and winter blow-outs for people who are sick of hassling with their sprinkler systems. Dr. Sprinkler is the premier sprinkler repair service in sprinkler repair, sprinkler maintenance, sprinkler winterization, irrigation repair, sprinkler installation, and sprinkler blowouts.

Once we have your sprinkler system all set up, it's up to you to maintain that lush green grass! Look no further, here are a few tips for mowing your lawn from your friends here at Dr Sprinkler.
Mowing Tips

Dr Sprinkler Repair Salt Lake City, UT - (801) 988-9671

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  1. I love green leaves and trees, but it is very difficult to give water to that plants and tress. So, I installed lawn sprinkler, which makes my work so easy and time saving.